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WeeWorld Suit Dropped WITHOUT Prejudice Despite Nintendo’s Opposition

Categories: Trademark Cases

Last month WeeWorld asked a judge to dismiss its WeeMee/Mii suit without prejudice (meaning they could re-institute the case at a later date) while seeking relief in the UK before resuming any action in the U.S.

Nintendo objected requesting:

  1. dismissal of the suit with prejudice (meaning WeeWorld would not be able to re-institute the case at a later date); and
  2. recovery of its legal fees incurred on the matter to date – estimated at around $400,000.

According to an open letter from WeeWorld’s CEO, Celia Francis:

The court has ruled in our favor and while we have been asked to pay a small part of Nintendo‚Äôs legal fees, the case was dismissed “without prejudice.”

Sources: Open Letter from WeeWorld

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1 comment

1  WeeWorld Gold Points { 06.05.13 at 12:14 pm }

I always thought Wees and Miis were similar didn't know they had a law suit. $400k in legal fees is crazy.