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Mother Sues Vivendi and Sony over Alleged Spyro-Enduced Seizures

Categories: Product Liability Cases

Despite a warning notice on the inside front cover of the instruction manual warning that some users may experience epileptic seizures (a warning contained on most every video game I’ve ever purchased), a New York woman is suing Vivendi, Sierra Entertainment and Sony alleging that her young son suffered seizures as a result of playing the Spyro video game.

Nintendo obtained a summary judgement in its favor over a similar lawsuit in 2003 when a woman claiming her son died of a seizure when playing Nintendo 64 failed to respond to the summary judgment motion.

Dale’s Comment: Given the warning label, this doesn’t seem like a winning case. Parents may wish to take these precautions suggested by epilepsy action to minimize the possibility of their children experiencing video-game related seizures.

Sources: GameSpot | EuroGamer | joystiq | GamesDog | Kotaku

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