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Midway Blitz – Yet Another Video Game Banned in Australia

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Midway Blitz becomes the latest video game to be denied an official age classification in Australia by the OFLC, making it illegal for the game to be sold, hired, advertised or exhibited in the country. This time it was denied classification because of drug use by some game characters. The OFLC Media Release reads, in part:

Specifically, in the course of the game, the player may access what are purported to be both legal and illegal performance-enhancing drugs for the members of their team. Choosing to use these drugs, which each have different characteristics, will have effects on team-members, such as improving their speed while also making them more susceptible to injury. Fake urine samples may also be acquired for avoiding positive drug tests.

While the game-player can choose not to use the drugs, in the Board’s view there is an incentive to use them. By using them judiciously, the player can improve the performance of their football team (while managing the negative effects) and have a better chance of winning games, thereby winning bets and climbing the league table.

Blitz’s local distributor Red Ant, has not decided yet whether to appeal.

Sources: GamePolitics.com | GameSpot | OFLC Media Release

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