Mid-Way Sued over Psi-Ops

Midway Games is being sued by William L. Crawford III, a Los Angeles County screenwriter, over its Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy sci-fi stealth-action game. Crawford claims the premise, plot and characters were stolen from a screenplay he wrote in 1998 – also called Psi-Ops.

Crawford claims that Midway should have known about his screenplay and its premise because:

  • he had set up websites with concept art;
  • he attended the 2001 E3 to promote it.
  • his company, Mindshadow Entertainment, had received media coverage for a possible¬† Psi-Ops movie project.
  • he had registered “Psi-Ops” with the U.S. Copyright Office six years prior to Midway’s registration.

Crawford seeks an accounting and share of revenue made from “Psi-Ops” sales in an amount no less than $1.5 million.

Dale’s Comment: On a personal note, immediately following its release I purchased this game for the original Xbox. It was unplayable. Like several games of its era, it made me nausious within five minutes of firing it up. Too bad. It looked like a fun game.

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4 Replies to “Mid-Way Sued over Psi-Ops”

  1. For all of you that are a bit skeptical about this whole situation I do have some actual facts about this, check it out for yourself.

    Here is William Crawford’s website (The guy that is suing Midway).

    http://www.mindshadowonline.com check out the ‘area 23 history’ section, it has a lot of info.

    and here is a PDF of the basic comparison’s of both his screenplay and midway’s version of it:


    (Pretty interesting how Midway just happened to write the same thing, word for word three years after the 2001 E3 convention where he had presented it to Midway)

    and here is a PDF on the OFFICIAL COURT COMPLAINT:

    http://www.mindshadowonline.com/press/Psi Ops complaint.pdf

    Please do check it out for yourself and see that the man really does deserve more than he is asking for.

    I heard that he might make a movie if everything goes successfully.


  2. Hopefully, the man will get what he truly deserves.
    Screenplays are a lot harder to produce than everyone thinks.

    I heard everyone’s complaining how the man sued a couple of years after the release. He probably wasn’t aware of the concept of the game until recently.

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