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I’m Back – A Fraction of my Former Self

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You haven’t seen much of me here since January. From mid-December until now I spent all my free time working out. Using the P90X workout program I bulked up and lost over 40 pounds. I am now in better shape than I have been in over a decade! The program works.

Where to go from here? Over the next few days I intend to back-fill many of the more important video game law-related stories I’ve collected in the interim and then move forward with new stories.

Following my system-wide conversion to Vista 64 bit Ultimate Edition (so far so good), I updated this blog to WordPress 2.1.3. Let’s take her out for a spin shall we.

[Update: As of Sunday May 6, I have back-filled March stories and started in on April - see new stories below. This is taking longer than I thought but I'm plugging along. It's been a busy week.]

[Update: As of Friday April 27, I have back-filled some 20 stories for January and February. I'll be moving on to March and April as time permits. Stay tuned. I hope to finish the backlog next week.]

Random Posts

Random Posts

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