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Indefinite Hiatus

Categories: Notices


This Video Game Law blog is on an indefinite hiatus. I do expect to resume posting here in the future.

For the time being, I’m channelling my spare time into iPhone application development efforts and my wishhh.com service.

I will continue to blog regularly on The Daleisphere. Please join me there.

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Temporary Hiatus – Developing Wishhh.com

Categories: Notices

My video game law blog is on a temporary hiatus. I have been developing a new, family-friendly, wishlist service called wishhh.com. It is in the final stages of beta testing with friends and family. I expect to launch publicly in early to mid December – with Facebook integration to follow. The service will be free for anyone to use. Here’s the site description from the splash screen:

establish private wishhh groups for the exclusive use of your family, friends, classmates, teammates, colleagues, worship group, whatever… invite others to participate in your groupspost wishhhes and ‘don’t wants’ for group members to seelink wishhhes to details on other websites tag another member’s wishhhes as ‘granted’ or ‘reserved’ pending purchase – without that person’s knowledge (… shhh!!!… it’s a secret) so other members won’t grant the same wishhh protect your children by using wishhh.com’s oversight functionsreceive only the gifts you really want

I do intend to resume blogging later this year or in early 2008. Thank you for your patience. And, please do visit wishhh.com after launch.


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I’m Back – A Fraction of my Former Self

Categories: Notices

You haven’t seen much of me here since January. From mid-December until now I spent all my free time working out. Using the P90X workout program I bulked up and lost over 40 pounds. I am now in better shape than I have been in over a decade! The program works.

Where to go from here? Over the next few days I intend to back-fill many of the more important video game law-related stories I’ve collected in the interim and then move forward with new stories.

Following my system-wide conversion to Vista 64 bit Ultimate Edition (so far so good), I updated this blog to WordPress 2.1.3. Let’s take her out for a spin shall we.

[Update: As of Sunday May 6, I have back-filled March stories and started in on April - see new stories below. This is taking longer than I thought but I'm plugging along. It's been a busy week.]

[Update: As of Friday April 27, I have back-filled some 20 stories for January and February. I'll be moving on to March and April as time permits. Stay tuned. I hope to finish the backlog next week.]

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Oops! – Please Update Your Link to my Video Game Law Blog Feed

Categories: Notices

My apologies. I'm still working out the kinks with my new blogging tool – WordPress.

I noticed that RSS feed subscriptions to my iMedia Law Blog were off the charts but nobody was subscribing to my Video Game Law Blog RSS feed. It turns out that a faulty cut-and-paste on my part redirected everyone attempting to subscribe to the Video Game Law RSS feed to my iMedia Law Blog feed by mistake. Oops! For those wanting to subscribe to my video game law blog RSS feed, the proper link is below:

Proper Link: RSS Feed to Video Game Law Blog

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