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The Syndicate Gaming Guild Registers a Trademark

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The ‘professional’ online gaming clan/guild The Syndicate has registered a trade-mark. Davis & Co. has posted an interesting blog entry on this registration.

Dale’s Comment: As professinal gaming continues further into the mainstream and as more players are make viable careers out of professional gaming, we will no doubt see increasing numbers of such clan/guild professional trademark registrations in the same way that sports teams have used trademarks to protect their valued brands.

Sources: Davis & Co. LLP  |  The Syndicate’s Explanation

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Nintendo Announces New Revolution Name (Wii) Without Registering N.A. Trademarks

Categories: Trademarks

According to Davis and Co. Nintendo announced the new name for its forthcoming Revolution console without having registered the new name, Wii, as a trademark in Canada or the U.S. Presumably, Nintendo has filed in Japan and will file the new name in Canada and the U.S. within six months to have their trademarks backdated to the Japanese filing date.
Source: Davis & Co.

May 4, 2006 Update - It turns out a Trademark Application was Filed in the U.S. on April 27 after all: Joystiq  |  Gamasutra

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Character Licenses

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Marc Mayer, of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP describes how to avoid the pitfalls of using likenesses of individuals in video games.

Source: NextGen.biz

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