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RedOctane & The Ant Commandos Settle Guitar Hero Controller Dispute

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As expected, on December 22 The Ant Commandos and RedOctane settled their Guitar Hero controller/peripheral suit and countersuit. 1Up.com summarizes the dispute in this amusing way:

Anyway, so RedOctane sued the Ant Commandos, claiming rights infringement on their popular Gibson SG brand of guitar controllers. The Commandos fired back claiming that the SG stepped all over their existing patents on technology for 3-button Guitar Freaks! guitars. Everybody was fingerpointing, it sucked.

While details of the settlement have not been disclosed a representative of Ant Commandos confirmed to GameSpot that its products would continue to be distributed. Jack Black and the Rightous Gods of Rock will be happy with this outcome!

Dale’s Comment: Until I discovered that neither the Ant Commando nor the RedOctane controllers will work with the PS3, one of the primary reasons I wanted to purchase a PS3 was to play Guitar Hero. I had hoped that like most PS2 games, it would be playable on the PS3. Happily, Guitar Hero 2 is coming to the XBox 360 so I won’t need to purchase a PS2 in order to finally play this game.

Sources: Gamasutra | GameSpot | 1UP.com | GameIndustry.biz

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Redoctane Sues The Ant Commandos over Peripheral

Categories: Controller CasesCopyright CasesProduct PackagingTrademark CasesUnfair Business Practice Casses

RedOctane, the developers of the popular Guitar Hero PS2 video game, have sued The Ant Commandos alleging trademark infringement, unfair competition and copyright violation among other claims in connection with the sale of The Ant Commandos’ unlicensed line of guitar-like controllers.

Sources: GameSpot | Gamasutra | Next Generation | Kotaku | ars technica | joystiq

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Microsoft Sued for Halo 2 Metal Case Packaging

Categories: Product PackagingTrade Secret Cases

Danish Glud & Marstrand is suing Microsoft for breach of a nondisclosure agreement, according to reports in the European game press. In 2002, G&M offered its services to produce metal game cases for Microsoft, and the two signed NDAs and exchanged information. Apparently, their services include the use of some form of confidential manufacturing or design technology that they disclosed to Microsoft after signing an NDA. Microsoft chose to use a competitive firm, Viva, to produce the cases. G&M claim they would never have provided the confidential information to Microsoft if it knew Viva was also bidding for the business.

Dale’s Comment: In order to successfully sue for breach of an NDA, you need to establish that something confidential was disclosed to third parties contrary to the NDA in question. Using mettle casings for video game packaging is hardly a new or secret idea. I gather the full facts of the case have not been disclosed because based on these reports there is no case here.

Source: Gamespot | GameDaily | The Inquirer | TVG | GameIndustry.biz

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UK Government Plans Bigger Warnings For Games

Categories: Police ActionsProduct PackagingRetail Sales

The British government has announced that, after consultation with industry representatives, video games are to carry larger age symbols and descriptions of their content in “a bid to help parents understand what their children are playing”.

Source: Gamasutra

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Quebec Gets Concessions from Sony and Nintendo

Categories: Criminal ProsecutionsInvestigationsProduct Packaging

Quebec is withdrawing its threat to sue Sony and Nintendo for not marketing games in French. Both companies pledged to offer video game users guides and product warranty information in French.

Sources: Gamasutra

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