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Category — Game Addiction

China Cracks Down On Game-related Internet Cafes

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The Chinese government has introduced new legislation setting tighter restrictions on Internet cafes and entertainment content, including video games, according to an Associated Press report. New regulations prohibit teenagers from entering Internet cafes or karaoke bars, deeming them unfit and potentially corrupting environments for students.

Sources: GamaSutra | GameIndustry.biz | 1Up.com | joystiq

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China’s Online Game Regulations Relaxed

Categories: Game Addiction

Chinese controls to prevent addiction to online games were greatly relaxed this week when the government announced adults would be exempt from the regulation.

Sources: GameSpot | GamaSutra

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Korea Reacts to Increase In-game Addiction

Categories: Game Addiction

The Korean government is responding with programs to fight online-gaming addictions as the number of gamers seeking help climbs dramatically.

Source: Gamespot

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Chinese Online Publishers Sign ‘Beijing Accord’

Categories: Game Addiction

In a bid to curb online gaming addiction, Chinese government officials have unveiled new plans to discourage users from playing online games for more than three consecutive hours.

Sources: Gamasutra | Interfax China | GameDaily.biz | GameIndustry.biz | The Console Wars

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