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Category — Disgruntled Countries

GRAW 2 Seized by Mexican State Chihuahua

Categories: Disgruntled CountriesGame Bans

All copies of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warefighter 2 are to be seized in the Mexican State of Chihuahua. The game depicts U.S. special forces military actions to stop terrorist attacks, including a nuclear strike, from being launched from that state against the U.S.

Dale’s Comment: In my opinion GRAW 2 along with Gears of War are the best shooters released on the 360 to date. Terrific Game! But, Halo 3 is just around the corner.

Sources: GamePolitics.com | GameSpot | Kotaku | Yahoo@ Games | XBox 360 Fanboy | joystiq

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South Korean Ratings Board Strict On North Korean Depictions

Categories: Disgruntled CountriesGame BansGame Ratings

Western games have come under heavier scrutiny by the Korea Media Rating Board, a South Korean organization with the ability to either rate media by age classification or block its release entirely. Ghost Recon 2, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and Mercenaries: Playgrounds of Destruction, have been banned by the media board for featuring the North Korean military as villains.
Source: Gamasutra

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Bangladesh Government Warns Sony Over SOCOM Mention

Categories: Disgruntled CountriesPolice Actions

According to Bangladeshi news reports, government officials in the country are threatening to serve Sony with a lawsuit, after the company described Bangladesh as a ‘terrorist state’ in the forthcoming game SOCOM 3.

Sources: Gamasutra | EuroGamer | GameIndustry.biz | Ferrago | GameSpot

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South Korea Bans Ghost Recon 2

Categories: Disgruntled CountriesGame BansPolice Actions

The Korea Media Rating Board has refused to approve the release of Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon 2, claiming that the storyline within the game goes “way too far”.

Source: Gamasutra

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