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China to Police Online Games

Categories: Agency/Board ActionsCensorshipViolent Game Law Cases

China will police online games to ensure legality and suitability of content. Game distributors must first get approval to release new games. They will be responsible for detailed monthly reporting and to ensure operators do not add illegal or improper content.

The latest crackdown was prompted by “a rash of problems with imported online games, some of which contain sensitive religious material or refer to territorial disputes,” Xinhua said. It said some were criticized as pornographic or too violent.

Sources: Gamasutra | China View | ABC News | Fox News (AP)

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New Chinese Body to Censor Online Games

Categories: CensorshipPolice Actions

China’s government is forming a committee to review and censor online games before they are released in the country.The committee will censor games based on violence, sex, and misrepresentations of the country.

Source: Gamasutra

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