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Category — Privacy Cases

Ubisoft Drops Starforce Piracy Protection

Categories: DRMPiracy CasesPrivacy Cases

Amidst growing complaints of potentially harmful security breaches and the recent filing of a class action lawsuit, French publisher Ubisoft has officially ceased its use of Starforce copy protection.
Sources: GameIndustry.biz  |  ars technica  |  MoneyControl.com  |  PALGN  |  afterdawn.com  |  Legit Reviews  |  neo seeker

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NCsoft Sued in South Korea over Identity Theft

Categories: Misc. CasesPrivacy Cases

Lawyers in South Korea have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of more than 230,000 victims of identity theft in an online game.

Source: Joystiq  |  TG Daily  |  VUNet  |  TelecomAsia  |  GamePolitics

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EFF Label’s Blizzard’s Anti-cheat Warden Program – “Spyware”

Categories: Privacy Cases

Unbeknownst to many gamers, World of Warcraft now has an unwanted special feature—a hidden program called “Warden” that snoops gamers’ computers looking for any “unauthorized third-party program” that “enables or facilitates cheating of any type”.

Sources: EFF | BBC | Game Politics | Rootkit.com | AlterNet

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Injunction Against ‘Guy Game’ Sales Upheld in Invasion of Privacy Action

Categories: DecisionsInjunctionsPrivacy Cases

In this interlocutory appeal, the court determined that the trial court did not abuse its discretion in finding that the plaintiff may be entitled to relief for invasion of privacy by misappropriation, and that the injunction was necessary to prevent irreparable harm. It also ruled that the trial court’s decision to allow the plaintiff to proceed as “Jane Doe” was not appealable, and, in any event, would not prejudice the defendants.

Sources: Media Law Reporter | Davis & Co. LLP

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Players say Blizzard’s Anti-cheat “Warden” Program Invades Privacy

Categories: CheatingPrivacy Cases

A number of World of Warcraft players are up in arms over software being used by the game’s publisher to scan users’ computers for hacks prohibited under its terms of service.

Sources: CNet | ZDNet | P2PNet | Blizzard’s Response

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