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Gamsutra Feature: Pros & Cons of Licensing

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to read this article on the pros and cons of developing games under license from others.

Source: Gamasutra

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WWE Sues THQ – Claims Unauthorized Sublicensing

Categories: Distribution Agmt CasesLicensed Game CasesRoyalty Disputes

The WWE filed a lawsuit against THQ on October 12th claiming games using the WWE trademark were improperly sold in Japan and Asia. The WWE is seeking a declaration that it has the right to terminate its license agreement with THQ.

WWE claims that THQ sublicensed out rights to the game that they were not granted the right to sublicense. Indeed, WWE claims that the license explicitly precludes sublicensing without written consent from the WWE which such consent was not sought nor received.

WWE claims that THQ sublicensed rights to Yukes (partly owned by THQ) and that Yukes paid royalties directly to THQ that should have been paid to WWE.

THQ, for its part, says that WWE has been aware aware of and consented to the manner of distribution it uses in Japan.

Sources: Gamasutra | Pro-G | GameSpot 1 | *GameSpot 2 | Gamers.com | XBoxic | THQ Press Release

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Bethesda Acquires Star Trek License After High Profile License Dispute

Categories: Licensed Game Cases

So ends the high profile legal confrontation between previous license holder Activision and Viacom, in which Activision accused Viacom of letting “the once proud ‘Star Trek’ franchise stagnate and decay.”

Sources: Gamasutra | 1Up.com | GameSpot | Bethesda Press Release | GameIndustry.biz | Bethesda Press Release

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Take-Two, EA Battle Over NHL Game License

Categories: Licensed Game Cases

According to the website EAHockey.com, the National Hockey League (NHL) and NHL Player’s Association (NHLPA) are continuing to fight over the question of exclusive video game licenses.

Sources: Gamasutra | EA’s EA Hockey Website

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Activision, Viacom Settle Star Trek License Lawsuit

Categories: Licensed Game CasesPolice ActionsSettlements

Activision and licensor Viacom jointly announcing that they have reached an agreement regarding the future of the Star Trek video game license. The terms of the settlement were kept confidential but both parties say they intend to work together on future projects.

[Jan 25, 2006 Update: They didn't! They went their separate ways when Bethesda acquired the Star Trek License.]

Sources: Gamasutra | Variety | GameIndustry.biz | PR Newswire | GameSpot | GameDaily | GamingReport | IGN | MSNBC

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Peter Jackson Sues New Line over Video Game Licensing

Categories: Licensed Game CasesPolice ActionsRoyalty Disputes

Jackson makes 19 allegations, among them that New Line improperly deducted costs relating to home video, used the wrong royalty rate to compute DVD sales, charged too much for subdistribution, did not pay for use of the film’s script and a song lyric written by Ms Walsh in an accompanying video game and incorrectly valued their cut from merchandise sales.

Sources: Gamasutra | Times Online | New York Times | EuroGamer | UGO | Joystiq | BBC | Video Business

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Activision sues Viacom over lack of decent Star Trek License

Categories: Licensed Game Cases

The complaint, filed the Superior Court of the State of California, accused Viacom of breaching its promise to continue exploiting the “Star Trek” franchise consistent with its practice at the time the agreement was signed in 1998. The suit alleges that since signing the agreement, Viacom has produced only one more Star Trek movie, thereby leaving Activision with little fodder for successive video games. Activision is seeking damages for lost revenue.

Sources: Gamasutra | GameIndustry.biz 1 | GameIndustry.biz 2 | EuroGamer | TechWeb | Xbox Gamers

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