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Australia Bans Marc Ecko’s Getting Up For Graffiti Crime

Categories: Game Bans

Australia bans yet another video game. The game was refused classification, meaning that it cannot be sold in Australia, in one of the more extreme classification decisions by the board in recent years Sources: GamaSutra | GameIndustry.biz | EuroGamer | GameSpot | Next Gen | Team Xbox | Spong | CNet | PC World | joystiq | Game Politics

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1 comment

1  Efernal { 10.17.07 at 7:04 am }

This is really sad that game based around living the life of a spray paint artist got banned. If gamers from down under want any game that is banned there are channels they can obtain them from. Just goes to show that Elected officals are worrying about the wrong things in life. As a gamer and a father I’m more worried about the taxes, schools, healthcare and alot of other things than I am about what games need to be banned. I’m the parent and it’s up to me to decide what is good for my child or for myself. I dont need some elected offical telling me what I can do for fun.

One last thing here…. They will ban a game but not porn. Guess they cant envision a life without it either!